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Bridle Barn & Gardens Reception

The best way to take a wedding portrait is to cater to the personalities of the couple. Some couples want a very defined, stylistic image created. Some just prefer to be themselves. It had been a very rainy, windy afternoon in early September when I photographed this particular couple. It was drizzling as I set up and took this shot. First I chased all the guests to the wings of the barn. I then set up my flashes high and to either side of the couple. They were all gelled and had soft modifiers on them. I reconfigured my camera and quickly backed out into the rain. As if natural they sort of just "stood there" for a few frames. I then encouraged a little "romantic interaction" to which the Bride replied, "You're not getting any of that elegant posing out of us! We're awkward and proud to be so!" I had to laugh and my adoration of them rose as I answered back, "then just be awkward selves!" It's not the pose after all that captures the couples' love for each other. It's capturing HOW they love each other. I couldn't have posed them better and still been able to capture how much they adore each other.