A Walk in Stewart County Park - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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A Hawk's View

I took the "long way" to work this morning. There's so much to enjoy visually all around Mount Horeb. I noticed the way the rocks were reflecting on Stewart Lake and wanted to get a shot with my gear. The dim, cool and wet spring morning gave me a slight challenge in sorting out my camera's settings. As I continued to seek for a vantage through the trees I'd take test shots, adjusting as I went. After a few minutes I couldn't find just the right viewpoint. And then a Red-tailed Hawk landed just uphill from me. Taking my cue I slowly moved to just below it, knowing it was in the canopy above me, though I couldn't see it. And there it was, the viewpoint I sought. As I began to snap a few frames the hawk let out a series cries. It set the tone for my entire day.