Finding an Old Friend

My first dSLR was a Canon 10D. I'd carry it around everywhere I went for the first year I that I had it. My first project then was a "Photo a Day," where I'd shoot photos every single day, posting the best one. At that time I was still only learning how to use a camera again. I didn't have any sort of "specialty" or focus on a particular subject. I'd just photograph whatever happened to catch my eye. More often than not, I tended to photograph what I found beautiful. Sunsets, sunrises, colorful insects, pretty views, etc., were all part of the world I moved through, and I reveled in capturing them.
As time progressed, and my skills grew, I began to focus mainly on people. Naturally, my own "nuclear family" became my subjects, and instead of capturing the beauty around me I spent my time trying to capture the story of our lives together. Only rarely would I take a photo of something other than family, friends, or the events/locations we moved through.

I'm finding that in doing this training exercise I'm reconnecting with the simple beauty that can be found around me. It's almost like seeing an old friend again. Sure, I've noticed the colors, scenes, and other little eye catching moments over the past few years. I just didn't make it a habit of photographing them. While cliché, and a bit trite, I'm finding taking photos of colorful birds, and insects feeding on flowers to be very soothing. There's a lot of "life" going on in this park.
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