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Reforging My Soul

In June of 2014 while camping with my family I stepped in a hole and injured myself. I was out of shape, as well as out of touch with myself. One day during a conversation with my wife she said to me words that would change me. We were talking about our daughter, and how I was always feeling out of sorts and being grumpy. At one point she simply said, "She's beginning to emulate you." I realized that I needed to step up and "be" someone she would be proud to emulate later in life.

Progress Documentation: 9 Months of Training

Progress Documentation: 9 Months of Training

A "progress" shot of me trying to get in shape. At the very beginning, in June of 2014 I was #245. First I cut out drinking hard stuff, and eating junk food. Then I began walking everyday in the park next to my house. 6 months ago I began training at the local MMA Academy. Three months ago I began to train with Lisa in Yoga. Last month she began weight training me using body-building techniques. At the lightest my weight dropped to #218. At the time of this photo I was at #224. While not in perfect shape, I am a lot stronger, flexible, and my endurance has increased. This is all so new to me, and I find I am really getting into all this physical exertion.

This photo was taken about 2 hours after a particularly interesting Yoga session with Lisa.

Heavy & Out of Shape - June of 2014

Prairie Du Chien Memorial Hospital

Prairie Du Chien Memorial Hospital

So, after stepping in a hole, twisting my ankle, and falling on my rump, I woke up with a very painfully swollen ankle. At first I'd hoped to "walk it off." Teri drove me to Prairie du Chien hoping to find a pharmacy. I was just going to get some ankle wraps, and maybe some Advil or something. By chance we found the Memorial Hospital. After a little internal debate I decided to check in and let them check out my injury.

No broken bones, but I have one helluva ligament tear. They gave me crutches, a compression wrap, and a refillable ice pack, along with stern instructions to "R.I.C.E." That means Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate...

So Much Support!

As so many folks who've traveled down this path know, having support from family, friends, and access to knowledgeable people make a big difference. First my wife Teri has been incredibly supportive. This journey I am on has brought us closer together. In fact, we seem to be working out all sorts of interpersonal issues and have grown closer.

Joining Infusion Mixed Martial Arts as a student was a huge move outside of my comfort zone. Our daughter has been a member there for about a year and a half. My participating in something she loves has brought us closer together. The two of us now train together frequently throughout the week.

It All Began With Walking

My Gratitude to All

Speaking of the Academy, Master Brandon Tracy & Mr Gabriel, as well as all the members who attend with me, have simply been amazing. I never thought I'd love being so physical, and learning to enjoy the "pain" of training. Being pushed to the limits of my endurance, concentration, and precision have been the hammer blows I need as I try to forge a new me.

I'm also so fortunate to have Lisa as a personal trainer, as well becoming a close friend. Having someone who can help me not only strengthen my physical body, but also converse with, has really made a huge difference. Learning to connect to my "self," and becoming aware of being "in" my body, as well becoming calm and grounded, have been HUGE game changers for me.

At nine months in I honestly feel like I am just getting started on this path. I cannot wait to see where it leads.

Head in the Game

Head in the Game

I know that look on her face. That little thought of, "here we go!"

Last night, before her belt advancement test they asked her if she wanted to present me with my first belt during her graduation. Her response, "No thanks, I want to keep my head in the game." That's my kid!

Day 20 - Being Herself

Day 20 - Being Herself

We had time to take a hike together while the kid was in school. I'd packed along a couple of the new flashes I'd just received. After a nice stroll along the trails we were taking a water break when I thought I'd try them out. All I said was, you can just be yourself.

My Inspiration Comes from My Family, Infusion MMA & My Trainer

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