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    The Pool Has Closed, the Summer Has Ended...
    An end of summer rite occurred this past weekend when the Mount Horeb Aquatic Center closed for the season. Just like last summer, we spent a lot of time there. She not only took lessons from the Parks & Rec department, she practiced swimming with us as well. By the end she could make it all the way across the pool by herself!

    Teri & Freja Lutz enjoy the Mt Horeb pool.

    Being that it's such a short walk, and most of it shaded, it's super easy for us to get there. In fact, we've even met a few of the town's residents on the walk to/from the pool. I also cart all our stuff, food, water, towels, chairs, etc., in our old baby stroller that we converted to a cargo carrier. Sometimes I get a few looks from folks who think I may have a baby in there, all covered with stuff and left in the sun, but it makes life easy and is always ready to go.

    Freja Lutz always has to play on the cannon outside the Mt Horeb pool. Freja Lutz can never pass an opportunity to jump in a puddle after a summer rain storm.

    The pool is rarely crowded and my wife and daughter have really enjoyed being able to play and cuddle. Our favorite spot is up on the little hill over looking the pool. There are giant Oaks and Walnut trees that also provide great shade. I have to admit I've fallen asleep in my chair more than a few times.

     Teri & Freja Lutz sun & snack while at Mt Horeb pool.

    They also have a decent slide for little kids. It is not too fast, or steep, she loves it! Last summer I rode down with her, but this year she was all about going by herself. By the end of the season she was learning how to make herself go as fast as possible.

    When the pool closes it a very definitive event for us. The end of summer is here. School starts in a week, with Freja beginning Kindergarten. Before I know it the snows will be covering the ground, and I'll be all alone during the day. Melodramatic? You bet. It was a fun summer at the pool. We can't wait until next year!

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