The Cavalry Has Arrived!

My Physical Conditiong Trainer & Friend

This is Lisa, my newest, bestest buddy. Our daughters were in Kindergarten together, and her son attends the same Martial Arts Academy. Her family and ours have grown very close over this past winter. It's been so nice to find people we can relate to so well.

Lisa's knowledge, enthusiasm, and great sense of humor when it comes to physical conditioning have literally transformed me. A former student of Infusion Mixed Martial arts, she understands my needs for the training I am now undergoing there. As I write this I am in fact readying myself for tonight's belt test. (Writing may help keep me calm today.)
Lisa Ogelsby - Fitness Instructor
Lisa Ogelsby - Fitness Instructor
Team Infussion MMA

Team Infussion MMA

Tough Mudder
Elkhart Lake, WI

A New Direction

She's introduced me to Hatha Yoga, body-building, and endurance training, all it a first for me. I never imagined how aware of my own body I could become outside of extreme feelings of pleasure or pain. Her easy humor, as well as her ability to conduct frank discussion of human anatomy, have allowed me to begin understanding my own physic. Having been out of shape for so long I'd become dissociated from my own body.

I am very thankful our families are so close, and that I'm having this opportunity to learn from such an interesting friend. This fight training I am doing is a journey I'm taking that I've no idea where it leads. It's so nice to have such fine friends backing me up, not to mention my own wife & daughter.

No Soft Touch Here!

Lisa Ogelsby - Fitness Instructor
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