Marriage in the Rolling Hills of the "Driftless"

I had the pleasure of photographing Tim & Rebecca's spring wedding at Deer Valley Lodge. Located west of Madison, near the town of Barneveld, the lodge sits on the edge of the "Driftless Area" of Wisconsin. Their nuptials were taken in a gazebo with a stunning vista with the hills gently rolling away from us. Apple blossoms were in full bloom, dotting the landscape with points of beauty. The weather was also a perfect spring day with little humidity or wind. Light cloud cover softened the lighting during the ceremony, which then gave way towards the end of the day, revealing brilliant blue skies and sunset.

Link to the Venue

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The Bonds of Friends & Family

Even more important than the scenic setting were the close ties of family and friends. Being a wedding photographer offers me such an amazing opening into the dynamics of families. Seeing and capturing people all getting to enjoy their time together is truly a privilege. This family was not exception. It was so apparent that this is a close family, and that the couple's close friends were cherished. It was simply a perfect day for a wedding, with a perfect group of people. I am so happy I chose to be a wedding photographer!

Link to The Gallery

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