The Hunt for Eggs

Every year Teri & Freja spend part of the Saturday before Easter to dye eggs. They use clear wax crayons to drawn patterns and shapes on some of them. My job is to just take photos, and to basically stay out of the way.

When Freja wakes up Easter morning she discovers the Easter Bunny has come in the night, taken her eggs, and then hidden them. This year they were all over the first floor of the house. It's such a simple thing really, and yet the delight she gets from it really sets the mood for the entire day. She's growing up so fast. I hope we have a few more years like this before she's "too old" to hunt for eggs the "Bunny" has hidden.

The Easter Bunny seems to sneak into our home, takes the eggs the kid colored the day before, and then hides them all over the house! Freja loves to hunt for them, collecting them in her little basket.
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