A New MileStone Passed

Freja advanced to her next belt level in the "Little Champions" course. In the past three months we've seen some real change in how she approaches her training. She's beginning to focus on doing the moves correctly instead of trying to be the first one done. Also, she often self corrects her movements, trying to get the sequence of actions in the correct order. Teri & I also noticed more self reliance at home. If asked to do a task, she usually does it correctly, with little direction. Heck, she's even been putting herself to bed after we read books every night! While she still looks to us often for approval as she trains, often glancing at us trying to gage how she's doing, we've begun to see more self assurance in her own actions. Freja's also excited that she's been invited to join the Black Belt Training program! We're very proud of her, but more importantly, we see that she too has a sense of pride in her accomplishment.

Link to her school

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