SLEDDING! - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer

Enjoying a New Hill

Today, February 27th, it's -14°F with wind chills. I also learned this morning that we've been below freezing 87% of the time since December! With only 20 days until Spring I've been starting to climb the walls, as is everyone else. So I thought I'd take a few moments to create this page celebrating at least a little fun we had this winter.

Usually we'd drive to the other side of town in order to do some sledding. There's a great hill there, but it's often windy, and we don't go often. Recently a neighbor mentioned how they walk to the local pool to sled on the hill there. It was a true revelation! We haven't walked to the pool since last summer, something is practically a daily event.

We dressed in our winter gear, grabbed our sleds and tried it out. There was plenty of snow on the side walks, making towing the kid there and back. As it turned out, we really enjoyed this particular hill even more!
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