It Was an Amazing Day for Me

When Caitlin and Chad first hired me to photograph their wedding, on their contract I saw the name, "First Unitarian Church" listed as to where their nuptials were to take place. Not being from the area, I just assumed it was a church like just about any other. I'm one of those shooters who enjoys showing up to a venue without seeing it first. I always love experiencing a wedding location at the same time as the couple marrying there. I get to explore it, in the lighting of the moment, and try to tie what's happening into it.

Anyway, imagine my delight as I pulled to the front of the First Unitarian Church for the first time. I was not only surprised, but incredibly thrilled to find out just what the First Unitarian Meeting House actually was. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and he also attended this particular church. It took all of my self control to remain cool and professional while inside I was letting out war whoops and jumping around. I knew I was in for a real photographer's treat!

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Chad & Caitlin


Their ceremony was conducted with such poise and respect for each other and it seemed so right in the setting. The officiant spoke well thought out, poignant thoughts on life, love, and marriage. There were moments when his words caught my ear as I focused, composed, and planned where to move to next. I tried to remain as inconspicuous as a 6'-2" bearded, gray, fuzzy man can. Everything was turning out perfectly.

Chad & Caitlin

Textures of the Prairie

With everyone headed to the reception and only 20 minutes before they had to be there themselves, the bride told me we'd have to try to complete our portraits later. But earlier in the day, I'd found a patch of restored prairie with a winding trail and few old oaks. We'd done some portraits at that time, but right now was that mythical "Golden Hour." I'd been conscious of how the sun was slipping down into the tree line on the hill behind me. I knew a patch of yellow Prairie Sunflowers was located just down the curved path, with a few oaks casting their branches over it.
There was simply no way I was letting them leave before I could snap a few frames.
Chad & Caitlin
After that, as I drove to their reception at the Madison Club, I was feeling really good and enjoying capturing this beautiful couple so happy on this day. As for how their reception went...well, I believe I'll just let the photos detail that part of the experience on such a fun day.
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