Chen - Lin Wedding

So Much Warmth & Love

Song & Danjue's wedding will be one that I'll always remember fondly. Meeting such charming, lovely people such as they is really what makes being a wedding photographer so much fun. While each wedding is a festive occasion, sometimes you find yourself surrounded with such warmth and love you can't help but feel effected by it all.

It was also the first time I ever photographed a wedding without using verbal queues, or just having an innate sense of what was going to happen next based on previous wedding shoots. I found myself enjoying simply capturing what I was seeing before me, sorting out what the dynamics were, and basking in the truly affectionate closeness they shared with each other, their family, and their friends.

I also felt immensely grateful to have this opportunity to work with such lovely people. While they could have easily chosen a photographer from China, who may have understood the spoken language and had a better understanding of certain customs, they instead chose me. I felt so privileged to have been allowed to experience this intimate affair.

Not So Fast, Mr.

Before Song could see Danjue for the first time, he had some hurdles thrown in his way -- a typical Chinese wedding ceremony. Her Bride's Maids had to make sure he was fit to marry her. He was asked questions, such as "listing ten nicknames he called Danjue" and "picking up Danjue's makeup items among many". If he couldn't find the solution, his Groom's Men suffered the consequnces by doing pushups.

It was all fun & games until they asked something that truly stumped him: "finding a song that has Danjue's name" . The concerned look on his face made it clear that he thought he was sunk. All three of his buddies broke out smart phones, searching for the answer. One even tried to "bribe" or "gift" one of the girls guarding the door with red gift bags that had ritualistic money.

After many tense minutes one of the Groom's Men found what they were looking for. The men all became excited, and the Groom began reading his phone in earnest. Suddenly, music began to play from one his friend's phones, and they all began to sing. It was so exciting, and the girls all seemed happy and satisfied. Song passed all the tests and he would see his bride.
Chen - Lin Wedding
Chen - Lin Wedding

A Sunny Ceremony by the Lake

As the sun began to slide towards the western horizon, the Groom stood waiting. With his back to Lake Geneva, the marina of the Abbey Resort stretched out behind him, you could practically see the anticipation emanating off him. His view of the world was narrowed down to watching one specific set of doors. The doors his Bride was due to emerge from at any moment.

With the sun playing on her veil, her father escorted her to her nuptials. As he crossed the heart drawn from flower petals I can only imagine what he was thinking. As the father of a little girl myself I couldn't help wonder what he thought of his own "little girl" now marrying. When he reached out to his soon to be son-in-law, smiled, and hugged his daughter, the joy on his face told me everything.

What followed was a ceremony that was pure and touching. Both of them were so expressive, so happy.
Chen - Lin Wedding
Chen - Lin Wedding
Chen - Lin Wedding
  • Ron E. Lutz II

    on September 20, 2014

    It was such a pleasure to photograph this wedding. The two of you are so warm and charming. Seeing all the smiles, and how much you love each other really made this enjoyable for me. I wish you both all the best.

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