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Earning Her Gold Belt

We're very proud of how Freja is doing at the martial arts academy here in town. The change in how she handles herself is very apparent. The most important thing she is taking away from this experience is her "I can do it!" attitude. She's not only applying it there, but in other sports as well.

For instance, she's been participating on the local swim team. She's just about the worst swimmer on the team. She doesn't know the strokes, or how to breath correctly. As the other kids zip back and forth along the length of the pool, Freja is struggling to go a few yards. Floundering along, I see she's getting worn out. She doesn't quit though, and with a little coaxing from the coaches, she keeps at it. She seems to understand that as long as she keeps trying to learn, she'll eventually be able to swim correctly. I've yet to hear her say, "I want to quit."

Also, it's just so nice to see her take pride in knowing she's earned her advancement. The middle photo below says it all.

Link to her school

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