The First Summer Day at the Lake

This was the very first weekend this season that it's felt like summer here in Wisconsin. While I was at the local hardware store picking up material for work on the house I bought a fishing license on a whim. Freja's been asking me to take her fishing for a while, but the last time I had a license was in 2006, a year before she was even born!

Today seemed like the perfect day. It was nice and warm, with a gentle breeze. We took our canoe to Governor Dodge State Park, specifically Twin Valley Lake. After canoeing across the relatively clear water we wedged ourselves onto a fallen tree, under some shade. I wanted this to be an easy, and successful first time fishing trip for the kid. I took the top half of an old metal flyrod, tied some line to the end, and attaches a small hook with a few split shot for weight. Basically it was short, study, yet flexible with a little play to it. The bluegill had just begun to set up spawning beds, so in no time she was pole fishing, dangling her bait just off the bow of the canoe. After a number of good sized catches, it was time to head to the beach!

It feels so good to be at the very beginning of the warm season! While we do have a lot of work on the house to do, I want to be sure we have plenty of adventures like today's. I know I can't wait to get back out on the water!

Link to Governor Dodge State Park

On a whim I bought a fishing license. The kid has been asking me to take her fishing, and today was finally the day I did so. We canoed across Twin Valley Lake in Governor Dodge State Park. There we wedged our canoe onto a fallen tree under some nice shade. I'd taken the top end off an old, metal fly rod, tied some line to it, attached a small hook, a few split shot weights, and "PRESTO!" The kid had a perfect sized cane pole! She caught a number of really nice sized panfish, such as Bluegill, in a short span of time. The bonus of using the cane pole was that there were no tangle lines, or trying to learn how to cast!
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