The Stage Doesn't Daunt Her

Being that the kid is constantly "putting on shows" for us at home, we thought she'd enjoy taking dance lessons. For the past couple of years she's really gotten into setting up elaborate acts, with costumes, variety routines, and sometimes even puppets. While it's not Broadway caliber in anyway, we find it entertaining. The running joke with my wife and I is that we seem to be raising our own little Lucille Ball.

We're fortunate that just up the street from us is a great studio that teaches dance, acting, music, and I'm sure other fun stuff I'm not fully aware of. Located here in Mount Horeb, Forte Dance studio seemed the perfect place for her to try taking formal dance lessons. Instead of just attending classes to attend classes, with no real goal other than to dance, this school actually teaches on a yearly basis with the aim to produce a show at the end.

So for the winter of 2012-13 Freja began to learn a dance routine. Every week there'd be a small handful of parents clustered around a tiny Plexiglas window, surrounded by hastily changed out of winter boots and coats. We'd watch patiently as they tried to learn how to control their movements, and not always succeeding. It was pretty cute!

Link to Forte Studios

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The Spring Show

Finally, after months of practice the girls had their big show! I'm not going to lie, having only really been around to see her small class practice I had no idea just how large the school attendance was. There were enough kids, of all ages, for them to have two separate casts! The show went on for over an hour, and I have no idea how many acts, but there were plenty! It also ran for two days. Amazing logistics considering all those kids.

We decided that instead of watching the show from the seats, we'd volunteer backstage. Both Teri and I spent our time watching over a group of giggly, cute, full of energy little ones for both days. It was pretty easy really, all we did was set up a big comfy blanket, provide a little entertainment, and try to keep them corralled. I only made one kid cry by asking her not to wander off!

And then it was SHOW TIME! They performed a routine to the tune of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." I heard that song so many times during rehearsal, not to mention back in the 80's when it first aired, that it haunts my brain. As I write this I can't shake the song out of my head. I'll have to go listen to Iron Maiden or something in a little bit to chase it away.

Anyway, they seemed to have a blast, and Freja REALLY enjoyed being on stage! She seemed to have so much fun the whole time, really beaming, and laughing and soaking in the applause at the end. We were stunned at the end when we asked her if she wanted to attend again the following year. Her response, "Nah, they kept telling me to smile all the time. I want to learn martial arts instead." Kids! LOL

Link to the song (listen at your own risk!)

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