During the summer of 2010, when Freja was only 2 years old, she and I used to spend a lot of time playing in our backyard. While she took her morning nap I'd set up her pool, a table, umbrella, toys, power for my laptop, and pack a cooler full of goodies. We'd then spend entire hot, humid afternoons playing in the backyard. I will always remember how it felt to sit there watching her adventure about the yard. My wife's garden was so lush and colorful, and it was relatively quiet and private.

As I write this I can actually feel what it was like to site on my wooden chair, watching her splash around as fluffy clouds slowly passed over head. Jazz would be playing, usually something like Solitude by Duke Ellington. My Sailor Jerry rum & Coke in countermeasure to the humidity and heat of the day. I was fully aware of how special it was to be able to do this, and I will always treasure having done so.

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