She sat across from me, eyes dark from fatigue, and asked, "Why have you been so grumpy lately? It's just that time of year for you, right?" I realized I needed to be truly honest. What has been making me stew? I'm suffering from serious cabin fever, but what was the truth?

She'd been gone for a week, on a convention trip to California, and also has been fighting off the flu. When she was gone it was just Freja & I hunkering down while the outside temps dropped to -50°F wind chills. So there she was, in warm, sunny southern California, only too ill to even enjoy it! It killed me she was too far for me to aid. Frustration began to form a pit of gravity in my soul. I felt it begin. What was it?
So there I sat, the lighting from the window brushing the face I can't live without. Without hesitation I answered, "I've been really missing you." That is what's been eating me!
We've planned a sitter to come watch the kid for an afternoon one of these days. We're going to go on a date like we used to. I can still remember the first "parent date day" we ever had. Freja was just barely a year old, and my father offered to watch her for a couple of hours. At that time, we went for a sunset walk on the ice of Lake Arthur.

Winter excursions are part of who we are as a couple, and it's going to be great to be able to include this particularly frigid season.
Our destination is a romantic little town, with a lake nearby to also enjoy. We'll stroll the streets as it snows, warming ourselves as we wander in and out of various galleries. There's also a historic brewery where we'll have lunch.

Today she told me to, "pack my camera." Time to go exploring together!
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