Wisconsin Department of Tourism Presentation - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
MHAAA - The Spring Art Tour - 2017

WDT Presentation

Intended to highlight the creative process I use to explore the world as seen through glass and capturing light in a digital medium this page will hopefully make sense. Seriously, where do I even begin to explain why I seem drawn to photographing "life" the way I do? For years I honed my technical and artistic photographic skills. Having been a professional artist my entire adult life, which you can explore in a linked page below, brings a depth to my work that I know people react to.

"Travel Photography" as a genre isn't something that many people consider as an "artful" endeavor. I used to attend a very unique, visual treat that has been held annually for nearly 50 years. Literally on the other side of a large lake where my father lives is a ten thousand person strong, two-week-long, costumed event called Pennsic War. I'll include a gallery link to that and let it explain itself. I mention it as it offered me a chance to practice capturing the "spirit" of the place. It's not necessarily as comely as I make it to appear. Thousands of people camping in various states of ability to camp, all within a ten-square mile outdoor event, during the Dog Days of August in Western PA isn't always pretty. I still learned how to capture what they refer to as "The Dream" of what the event is aiming to achieve. This skill has helped me establish a portfilio as a "local travel" photographer.

"Driftless Sanctuary" by John Pahlas

"Driftless Sanctuary" by John Pahlas

This "story" telling through visual imagery is not achieved through only capturing the obvious spectacle of a place, but also it's character. In order to do that I have to actually experience the moment. That added depth is why I believe people are drawn to my work. I'll also include a page that highlights my local travel photography work, which you may have already seen.

I also want to apologize for not being easy to meet with. I recently had an artistic inclination to go join the Cave of the Mounds crew. I once worked for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in the exhibits department. It's like I am back to the same sort of work, only this is a much larger, living diorama! It been very good to be able to focus on one location. I'll also include a link to my CotM cellphone "sketchbook."

My CotM Cellphone Sketchbook

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