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Art Fair - Summer of 2015

Imagery That Captures Mount Horeb

Having moved our family to Mount Horeb, Wisconsin at the end of 2011 we found ourselves in a very active and unique community. It didn't take long before I had connected to the local Chamber of Commerce and began photographing many of the events they host here in town. Not only has it given me a chance to learn more about where we now live, it's also given me a chance to meet many new people. I've been enjoying having this opportunity to cover the local culture and portraying it's vibrancy. Many of the current images on the Chamber's website, "The Trollway," are ones I've taken since moving here.

It's not only events that I've tried to capture it's also the local scenery. I especially enjoy exploring the surrounding countryside. The Driftless Area is reminiscent of the hills of Western Pennsylvania where we're from, only less populated. Being able to jump in my Jeep to ramble around the back-roads looking for things to photograph is such a simple pleasure. I can drive for hours and never see another vehicle.

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Just a Few Signature Shots of the Local Area

Exploring the Driftless

Stewart County Park

An Example of a Local Event I Covered

Scandihoovian Winter Fest - 2017

Celebrating Local Scandinavian Traditions

Norwegian Hardanger Fiddlers &  Fiddle Display

Norwegian Hardanger Fiddlers & Fiddle Display

Scandihoovian Winter Fest - 2017

The Scandihoovian Winter Fest

I had the very distinct pleasure of photographing a variety of events held during Mount Horeb's "Scandihoovian Winter Festival." It's a local, weekend long series of activities meant to draw the community together and to celebrate traditional Norwegian traditions brought here by the original town settlers. The Scandihoovian has been slowly growing from a grassroots organized event to one that is attracting corporate sponsors and more visitors with each passing year.

I was approached by one of the organizers to photograph it because, and I quote, "We need images that really catch the eye and illustrate what this is all about and we think you're the right guy for the job." We negotiated a price and created a shot list of all the events they wanted that could be covered by me. Then they let me "do my thing." Thanks to Mother Nature for giving us the perfect winter weekend, I was able to capture all of the events.

I threw in additional cross-promotion for their events, selecting images from each event and posting them on all my social media outlets, tags and all. It's something I do for all the events that I cover as it provides an easy method for clients to exploit social media in a timely manner.

Link to Scandihoovian Website (Note: At the time of this writing it doesn't host any of my images.)

Adult Spelling Bee at The Old Schoolhouse

Scandihoovian Adult Spelling Bee

Scandihoovian 2017 - Turkey Bowling

Frozen Turkey Bowling

Scandihoovian 2017 - Norsk Bike Race

Scandihoovian Winter Fest - 2017

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Local Image Branding Using Jorgen the Troll

Jorgen Takes a Hike
Jorgen the Troll
Christmas Shopping on Main Street
Thirsty Troll Brew Fest
Fall Fest - 2015

Velkommen to The Troll Capitol

The local Chamber of commerce does a really awesome job of utilizing Trolls as a way for the town to distinguish itself from those around it. They've essentially used Norwegian folklore to embellish the area with Troll related themes. There are wooden carvings that can be tracked down using maps that take users to various shops & businesses. They've installed some rather singular statues that decorate the main street, and have used a Troll mascot at all the local events. Using that mascot, known as "Jorgen the Troll," I've done a number of photo shoots aimed at creating "brand" imagery unique to this town.

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Pennsylvania Travel Photography

Exploring My Home State

Many of my landscape, travel photos from my adventures around Pennsylvania were used in a variety of travel publications. In fact, I photographed two of the state-wide travel guide covers as well well as went on a number of paid assignments to cover events/locations. I truly enjoyed driving around the state going to various festivals, and exploring historical landmarks. I have to admit I also really loved seeing my work in print.

The 2005 Cover

The 2005 Cover

The publication thought the image would be more eye catching if the glider were red. They also made the background a lot more purple.

The View from the West End

The View from the West End

To get this image an artist rendered out a chalk drawing based on a photo I'd taken of people at an overlook in Tioga County. This photo is a composite of different photos I took at different elevations. First I shot low to eliminate the busy river front on the near side of the Ohio River, but you couldn't really see the drawing. I then shot high to do just that. With just the simplest of edits they were merged and a cover was produced.

Travel Photos from PA

Ron Lutz II

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