1989 to 1990 - Tom Savini Studio - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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Tom Savini & Annabel's Corpse - 1989 - "Two Evil Eyes"

Tom Savini was the creator of the special effects for the movie, 'Two Evil Eyes,' a horror film by directors Dario Argento and George Romero based on an adaption of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Facts About Mr. Valdeman" and "The Black Cat." I had an interesting opportunity to work in his fabrication studio at the tail end of production for this movie, and some preproduction work on his 1990 remake of "Night of the Living Dead.". This particular special effect is an animatronic piece based on the victim Annabel's body after being discovered by detectives, her corpse consumed by the hell spawn of the demon cat that had been entombed with her. It looked so realistic your brain thought it smelled blood & rotting flesh.

I took these photos the day after shooting this particular scene ended and we came to take it down and clean up the set.