1986 - Pittsburgh Punk - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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Half Life Performing at The Electric Banana

Half Life plays to a very full throttle slam dance pit. We'd drive down from the sticks north of Pittsburgh to go to these shows. I remember how thrilled and anxious I'd be as we’d get closer. I always expected to get in a fight, and sometimes did. The pure adrenaline of trying to deal with the fear of getting my ass kicked kept me coming back for more. I found a place where the music beat to my own frenzied soul and I could "war dance." It was the most chaotic period of my life as I tried to define the right direction I should take in life. While I left the slam dancing and the pit behind it built within me a steel core of defiance and a will to push onward. In the earliest days of my career as an artist, when I'd starve my way to 145# trying to get a toe hold on life, this hardcore would sustain me. I didn't need a funny haircut, or cool tattoos to mark me. I was going to try to make my own mark instead.

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