What Does One Say?

While I have had an interesting and diverse background employing my skills as an artist, trying to explain who I really am as an “artist” has been something I have learned is easier to express through practice than it is to write about in a succinct manner. In a nutshell, I have been blessed with being able to focus on subject matter that resonates with communities that I respect and learn from. I try to channel this into positive depictions of life meant to educate and inspire creative thought. While I try to express my thoughts on social media my main intent is not self aggrandizing but sharing moments of my curiosity or wonder at this amazing life we all share.

Today is April 10th, 2021. I am just beginning to redesign this long unedited or designed page.

Earlier Works - Clicking A Photo Opens a Page

Ron Lutz II

Based in Mount Horeb, WI I offer professional photography services for the greater Madison area. Weddings, athletics & sports, commercial, product, as well as architectural imaging are my specialty.
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