Pennsic Home - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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Whirling Through Time

Whirling Through Time. Life's been somewhat chaotic. My time skips by like a whirling, flat stone on water. Every time I smack down I am focused on something. Each contact is different than the last, I have a brief period for me to focus, resolve, plan, and then it's time to fly off the next splash. I know it's like this for everyone though, so I don't feel concerned. I actually have been relishing the little splashes. Some are a brief period of creative formulation. My approach to shooting is becoming more precise in how I want to render a scene. With each session I feel the whirl of the stone as it skims across the water, the front lifting up to catch air as it sails once more into the sky! Winter will be fun once I am trapped in my office with all these photos to process! Until then I like to just take morale breaks and process a photo, just for the heck of it. Today I really need one.


From Pennsic Wandering