Wildlife - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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A Call Through Time

When I was a little boy my family lived on the top of hill on the edge of forest overlooking a lake. Every time I hear the cry of a Red-winged Blackbird I am instantly transported through time to that home. I remember it was a hot summer day in the 70's. I was in the backyard looking out at the high grasses that grew in the field leading from our place and then down the hill. The forest was to my right and as I stood there I became mesmerized by a Red-winged Blackbird as it cried out it's distinct call. It was just downhill from me in a black cherry tree and I could see it so clearly. Not a single instance of hearing that call to this day doesn't transfix part of my brain to that moment in time nearly forty-something years ago. i can even recall the feel of the sun on my tanned skin, and the wind in my face.