My Hero, My Daughter, My Inspiration

Freja, our "Wolf Princess!"

Freja, our "Wolf Princess!"

When the kid asked us to make her a "wolf princess" like Princess Mononoke, but NOT the same as that character we fell back onto some Nordic themes. My wife sewed up the cloak, Viking dress and created the gauntlets and boots. I created her helmet and provided all the Nordic "bling." A more fitting outfit for her personality cannot be created!

How My Daughter Inspires Me

Let me tell you why Freja is my hero and who I look up to most in life. I know it's odd to hear an adult choose their little girl as their role model, but she's truly the most inspiring person I know. Without her in my life I don't know where I'd be, but I can guarantee you that I'd not be nearly as happy.

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A New Chapter Begins at 40

A New Chapter Begins at 40

When I daughter was born I left behind my professional career as an artist working at the Carnegie Museum where I'd worked in the Exhibits Department. I resigned the day she came into this world and became a "stay at home" father. Raising her has been the best thing I've ever done. Period.

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A Natural Adventurer

What always struck me was her curiosity and lack of fear of the unknown. She's always been a fearless adventurer. She often pushed the edges of safety and took risks that I had to be careful of. Her natural desire to explore, climb, run, and be rough was very evident.

We went EVERYWHERE together! She was always intrepid, engaging, and happy. Even as a baby peeking out of my jacket while riding on my chest she'd interact with people.

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Then We Moved to Wisconsin

Stewart Park<br />
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Adventures in Dairyland

Our life in Wisconsin has been rich in experiences and she's led the way. I honeslty can't imaging what life would be like without my kiddo.

Verona Mud Run

Learning Self Respect

Until recently one of her biggest passions was learning the martial arts.

The Kid

Training With Her is the BEST!

I'm Lucky I Can Do This!

All the Way Up!

OSS! My Hero!

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