Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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Formations in the Dark

What an incredible morning I've been having. Author Matt Geiger, his daughter and I went on an artistic adventure into Cave of the Mounds. He needed a photo to go along with an article that will soon be published in Northerly Quarterly. The title of which is 'The Cave,' and I highly recommend reading it when it comes out soon. No spoilers from me. I just happened to be off today, and also work in a cave so naturally it all came together. Getting to be artistic in a place that has effected me in such significant ways was a true delight. I cannot even begin to express how much I enjoyed setting up and taking this photograph today. Some people go golfing on their days off, me, I want to spend time creating. Something. Then I go back to work where I find I am drawing on that which shapes me as an artist. As I told Matt today, when I get to do what I do, and then sink back into this amazing place that is Cave of the Mounds it is as if fresh waters flush out the sediment in the caverns of my soul. And in those dark places crystals are now growing formations. I am truly a blessed man.