Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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The Prairie at Night

​It's been an interesting week working with Jesi. In the course of three days we've managed to conduct planning meetings, practice sessions and an actual shoot. We've figured out how to best move forward as collaborative artists. Last night was a good initial field test. We had a somewhat sudden plan. We chose an odd time with variable and fading lighting and unpredictable weather. She figured out the whole "what" and then we chose the "where" and then I set up the "how." For me it was all about the art of creating something shinning in the darkness of the prairie at night. After previewing this photo with a few folks I have to admit I'm a little surprised by certain reactions. "Look out Ron!" was one quote. It seems that the fact that I'm working with an amazingly attractive young women must naturally mean I won't be able to control myself? Looks like I'm supposed to just loose control and forget who I am as a husband, father and friend? I think not. I think this is just the beginning. Now we begin to refine the images we create! You see, we had free cake at the end of our first planning meeting. Through mutual respect, support and planning we get to have our cake AND eat it too. Onward.

Model: Jesi Ostrowsky


From Jesi O.