Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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Christmas of 2018

On Christmas Day of 2018 my daughter and I were able to be at Nealy's Point to watch the sunset. The rest of our family were all snug in the rental cabin. We'd spent a few days at the lake where'd I'd spent a good portioning of my life. It's a place that is so tied to the sense of one's "self" it's difficult to relate to those who don't understand. Take the location of this photo. I used to sit at the roots she's perched on. Over the years it's where I'd draw inspirational will. Countless sunsets. Countless experiences. Some good. Some bad. As I stood in that spot taking my daughter's photo each of those moments were present, but only the one we two shared was relevant. I felt just so grateful for everything that brought me to that very moment. And I guess that is my best Christmas memory.