Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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This is my spiritual "gym." This was my place of truths. My place of self reflection. Once I walked around this stupa alone in thought, in all weather. As I approached it I conjured the inner darkness to rise to the surface of my soul. Those dark fluttering bits of dark thoughts, like the shadows of the prayer flags on the cobblestones. I learned to calm those thoughts, to sooth myself. The whispering prayers on the little flags caressed my face as I circled. Brought to light the shadows all fade, loosing their inky mystery. They are just the shape of things being defined by light after all. It's that definition by the light that draws me. I guess it's why I am a photographer, a painter with light in what ways I can. One artistic dream I have always had is having a creative partner and model to work with. A human figure to paint with light, using the shadows to define the whole. I met just the right person at this very spot. We walked and spoke of who we were as people. As I looked into her eyes I saw a reflection of my "self." we shared truths and agreed to work together. I've a new sister. I'm so excited with ideas of what we can create I've not been sleeping much.


From Deer Park Buddhist Center