Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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Day One - Square One

Today was the first time I actually got to really work with Jesi. After a few meetings to discuss our goals and how best to work together we FINALLY had a session. It wasn't about the setting, or being "artistic" in the sense of trying to create a stunning visual piece. Instead it was all about the camera gear. You see the icing on my cake is that not only is she an amazing figure model, but she is herself a talented photographer. And she shoots with Canon gear! So today we talked about projects, reviewed what gear I bring to the table and then we played with light. I made it training lesson how to use High Sync Speeds on flashes. We worked on fill flash and I demonstrated the whole, what and why of how I set my gear. It's so awesome to work with a model and a photographer all in one! We even played with colored gels to emulate sunshine. What I'm really excited about are some of the business ideas we're coming up with. Hmmmm....


From Jesi O.