Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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Stephen's Falls Session

I usually don't include taking family portraits as part of my business. When this family contacted me out of the blue though I decided, "Why not?" They'd planned a trip to a nearby town and where coming in from all directions. We'd chosen Stephen's Falls as our initial location and a spot on the trail down stream as the secondary. This session also gave me a chance to give my transportation system a shake down. I took about 80lbs (37kg) of gear. For the paved section I was able to use my converted Bob stroller. Once we hit the steep, stony trail I had to wear my backpack, carry my flash bag and two 11' C-stands. It wasn't that bad, even coming out and having to climb up a steep rocky set of primitive steps wasn't an issue. So not only did I get to work with an interesting and lovely family, but I also know I can now set up a studio shoot anywhere.