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My CotM Sketchbook - Spring of 2018

A Living Diorama

10 years, 3 months, 27 days later and I am officially back in the exhibits game. Monday I report in at 9AM to get my Cave of Mounds staff shirt. I just bought blue outdoor pants on my way home from my first meeting with them a few hours ago. On Tuesday of last week I heard about an opportunity there. After careful thought I then presented my portfolio and an idea to the staff. It worked. I'm hired! It's a new beginning for me. I am so thrilled to be working with passionate folks who are obviously so invested in preserving and presenting a National Landmark! I have this giant, LIVING diorama to get to know and work on. On top is an ancient Oak Savannah to save. Underneath is a cavern whose depths I've only seen from the tourists' perspective. I am going to bet that I won't sleep tonight...


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    Summer in the Pines
    Summer in the Pines

    Here's a shot I'd taken in July of 2018 while visiting my home area. Having lived and worked in Pittsburgh for so many years I always name that as my "hometown." I always thinks of hidden little spots like this one. I think of the smell of ferns & pines, the sound of them talking to me as the wind passes through their stands. That is part of what I call "home."

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Ron Lutz II

Based in Mount Horeb, WI I offer professional photography services for the greater Madison area. Weddings, athletics & sports, commercial, product, as well as architectural imaging are my specialty.
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