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No two weddings are the same. Just click on any of the images below to explore different weddings I've photographed. My goal is to chronicle your happiest day in a unique and honest way.

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Chad & Caitlin

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Let me tell your story

Define What You Want

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer there are a number of things to consider. First and foremost is the type of photos you want to receive at the end of the process. It's all about your personal taste and no particular "style" is better than any other. For the sake of simplicity I like to categorize the styles into three different categories.

Daugherty & Krasinski Wedding

My Shooting Style

My shooting style is primarily "photojournalism" with a touch of both "traditional" and "illustrative." For most of your day I try to simply capture the events as they happen, adding little direction. We'll do a little of the "traditional" style of shooting here and there during key events, such as the cake cutting, family portraits, etcetera. When it comes time for your personal portrait session is when we break into "illustrative" mode. My goal is have a fine balance of all three without dictating how your wedding day unfolds. Que será, será.

The Big Day!

A typical wedding day can be broken down into four separate stages. I've laid them out in the sections below. You can tailor your specific needs for me by choosing which "stage" you want captured and you may also narrow down the specifics for some of them. As you explore the tabs, they will take you to additional pages with samples from each stage. I'll also try to explain the time frames for each section so that you'll have an easier time planning out your day. I know how important this day is to both of you, so providing a stress free experience is important to me. This site is aimed at making it easier for you to understand what I offer and aid you in planning your wedding.

"Illustrative" Style

"Illustrative" is when everything is designed to produce photos that are creative, well composed, and approach a "fine art" aspect. They require a good deal of planning, setting up, and direction from the photographer, and are not overly "spontaneous," though that too can be staged somewhat. It also requires finding the right setting, and hoping our timing is good.

Ross & Kristine

"Traditional" Style

Danielle &  Dan

"Traditional" is where the photographer has a standard list of photos to be taken. These are commonalities such as the cake, flowers, venue, etc.. It's also when certain, traditional rituals are conducted, i.e., the cake cutting, first dance, or whatever is important to you. If you choose not to spend the time it takes to do the "Illustrative" style of portraits, then they'll done in a "traditional" style. Details about the differences are explained under the portrait section below.

*Some "traditional" photographers even have portions of the ceremony re-enacted just to get a specific shot on their list. Just a heads up that I do not go to that extreme. It tends to consume a lot of the bridal parties time due to the photographer's constant need to manipulate the scenes. Also, the images tend to be stiff and unemotional.

"Photojournalism" Style

Giselle & Andrew's Wedding

The mother of the bride tries to stem the flood of tears after having seen her daughter in her gown for the first time. In all the hugging a minor "costume malfunction" has taken place. Thankfully dad is pretty handy and sorts things out quickly.

"Photojournalism" approaches the day in an unpredictable way, capturing the events as they unfold. There's very little direct intervention by the photographer. The goal is to tell the story of the day, capturing the very real emotions and interactions. Of course, due to the very nature of this method, many of the traditional "shot list" items often never happen.The appeal of this style is that you'll end up with photos of you, your family & your friends all being yourselves. They're truly snapshots of real life instead of just a series pretty pictures with no deeper meaning other than just looking nice.

Candid Photos from Various Weddings

  • Hammerschlagen

    The bridal party plays a game of Hammerschlagen during a University of Wisconsin tailgate party. Located close to Camp Randall Stadium we could hear the football game happening in the background. On Wisconsin!

  • Final Touches

    The bride applies a few final touches to her makeup as her Maid of Honor and mother share her excitement on this day.

  • A Mighty Whack

    The mother of the bride takes a big swing at a piñata during the reception.

  • Absolutly Beeming

    The Groom cannot hide his joy over marrying the love of his life as they make their grand entrance.

  • Close Bonds

    A Groom becomes emotional during his Best Man's touching and very personal speech.

  • Reluctant Flower Girl

    The kid just wasn't in the mood to have flowers in her hair and then having to walk down the aisle.

The Day Finally Arrives

It's time to begin

Photographing your day has to begin somewhere. I've begun a wedding shoot as early as the evening before the actual ceremony, all the way up until just before the ceremony began. It's entirely up to you on when I start my day. Personally, I enjoy covering the events leading up to the ceremony.

During this time there's a dynamic happening between the soon to be married couple and their family & friends. It offers a chance for some intimate photography. It also helps "set the stage" visually for the rest of the day. The bridal party additionally has chance to get to know me and become used to my presence. I also get additional insight into your personalities which makes it easier for me to capture the rest of your wedding day.

The Bride Arrives

The Bride Arrives

The Bride and her Maids arrive at the orchards of Greendance Winery, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. It was late in the season and the trees were full of ripe Green Apples.

The Bride Dresses

The Grooms

Two Become One

This is it!

While most wedding ceremonies have similar rhythms, each one is unique. I enjoy exploring the various customs, religions, and personal bonding experiences that I encounter. I'm not going to lie, I find solace in capturing these intense moments when people join together as a new family. Wedding photography isn't just a "job" to me. It's a chance to be in the presence of openly displayed love and affection.

It is not uncommon for churches to have very strict rules on photography. I highly recommend finding out what they are. Many only allow photographers limited positions to take photos from. Flash photography during the ceremony is usually not allowed. I will always work within the confines laid out by your venue. My goal is not to be the center of attention, but to capture the day without being a part of the action.

Sun Through Her Veil

Sun Through Her Veil

The late afternoon sun slants through her veil as this Bride takes her vows of marriage.

Various Ceremonies

Commemorate Your Marriage

Formal & Illustrative Sessions

Typically there are two portrait sessions to every wedding. The easiest, and most "traditional," is the family/wedding party session. This can be planned for either before, or after the actual ceremony, depending on your needs. It's the basic, "Hey, let's all line up, look at the camera, now say, 'Cheese!' sort of event. I don't think I've ever photographed a wedding where we didn't do a little of this. Your grandma expects it!

The other, and sometimes totally skipped type of session, is the illustrative portrait taking. This always takes place after the ceremony, and any other "traditional" portraits. It is just for the bride and groom. This is where we try to take a little time to come up with something creative, and specifically aimed at just the two of you.
That Golden Light

That Golden Light

After their wedding at the First Unitarian Meeting House I noticed how the sun setting through the oak trees cast a golden hue. I quickly set up this shot and am so glad the flowers were in bloom and happened to match the color of his tie.

Illustrative Portraits

The Reception

Time to Celebrate!

After all that work that went into planning your day, it's time to reap your efforts! The reception is when you to simply celebrate the union of your two families. I've been to many, many of them over the years and I can honestly say they each have their own unique feel. I always work closely with your DJ, if you have one, so that I'll know when, and what is going to happen. All you have to do is have fun!

Naturally, my coverage of your wedding ends at some point during this portion of the day. Typically, people release me after all the "traditional" rituals are completed, such as the bouquet toss. My favorite sessions are when folks keep me up until the end of the night, when the party is in full throttle, and the dancing in full swing!
Time to Party!

Time to Party!

A newly married couple enter their reception in a lively manner. After months of planning they're eager to simply relax and enjoy the rest of the night having fun with their friends & family.

Reception Shots

Other Considerations?

At the top of the page I mentioned "a number of things to consider" when choosing your photographer. Naturally, those are price, availability, and specifically who the photographer is as a person. By accessing the pages below, you can find out my cost, if I'm available, and also a little about who I am as a person. Experience, and insurance are also matters to consider, but by now you've seen my work, and YES, I am insured.

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Check My Calendar to See if I'm Free

Please keep in mind that I try to only book two weddings/month. This is so I can offer a more personal service to my clients as well as have sufficient time to truly focus on processing their photos. If you see a month that is mostly blocked and you're truly stuck it never hurts to inquire. You never know; that one day you've picked, that I've already blocked, may just be for a "work on the house" weekend or something that I can move around.

My Calendar

Learn a little about my background by clicking the photo below.

On a cool yet comfortable October day my wife & I married under the sky. We'd eloped to Tioga County in north-central Pennsylvania. The air was crisp, the skies active, and the wind smelled of fallen leaves and ferns. As we stood together posing in front of my camera mounted on a tripod the reality and joy of having just married had us giddy. I'll never forget the way the wind moved her hair and how my hand felt as it touched her cheek. It was about that time that the pair of bald eagles, who'd flown over us as we'd said our nuptials further down the valley, suddenly appeared again. The way they soared over us swirling up into the autumn sky echoed our own emotions.

Would you like to make an inquiry about your wedding?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my wedding photography service. I'd love to tell your story. Also, if you do NOT hear back, please try to send another message. Sometimes folks mistype their email address and I can't reply.

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