Wildlife - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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It's an almost normal Sunday. Suddenly I found myself all alone with an hour or two on my hands. I grabbed my camera, a 100-400mm lens, a flash, and some bug spray. It's been weeks, heck maybe longer, since I've walked in Stewart Lake. As soon as I entered the park I spotted a hummingbird, but couldn't get a shot. As I slowly made way along the trails I noticed a number of them throughout the park. It wasn't until I was way down by the lake that I finally captured this image. As soon as I took this I ended up meeting a neighbor, for the first time, on the trail and we BSed for a while about our families, kids, hiking, etc.. It also turned out his college aged son earned his black belt from Infusion. I'd say small world but it's more small town living. Sometimes it can be really nice. #hummingbird #bird #Trochilidae #birding #stewartlake #stewartcountypark #danecounty #danecountyparks #wisconsin #wisconsinwildlife #wisonsinbirding #birdingwi #hike #park #trail #mounthoreb #wisconsinlife