Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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It was a glorious day. While we slept the weather dropped many inches of snow on the Mounds. Underlining the layers of fluff was a fine sheet of slush that couldn't grip the ground. Crystalline structures clung to the branches like the the refined and form fitting evening gowns of Red Carpet starlets. If you are familiar with my Instagram feed you'll know how thrilled I am with my yellow, spring steal snow shovel. I took it to work with me. Soon after arriving my shovel & I were dispatched. After a night of FOR REAL not sleeping because I was concerned I wasn't going to get enough physical exercise through "Gym Time," I found my bliss. For hours I worked in a stunningly beautiful setting as the sun broke through the clouds. By the time lunch time arrived I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph. Post lunch was a detailed inspection of the caverns. As I write this hours after work my wrist pedometer is showing I've walked nearly thirteen miles. I should be tired and ready for bed but my mind is reviewing nearly all the visual details I took in today. While that is normal for me, now I am focused on one very specific location. I also saw very real life forms underground for the very first time.


From Exploring the Cave of the Mounds