Photo Journal - Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
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So today I experienced a bit of ironic humor that seemed aimed at me in a very personal way. I went to attend the monthly Marketing Committee meeting at my local Chamber of Commerce. They have been using me as a travel photographer for a while now. I also offer them tidbits of advice stemming from my own professional experiences as an artist. Today's meeting was very memorable for me. During their presentation of the new look & feel of how marketing material was going to be branded I couldn't help but notice the photo. I give them access to a number of images but don't pick for them which they use. They happened to use one that I took when I first moved to town from Pennsylvania. My father, pictured on the left, had driven the eleven hour trip to see where we lived. As he left PA he must have realized he'd forgotten to get my daughter, pictured on the right, a gift. So he picked up the little blue bear at a Turnpike rest-stop gift store. it just happens to say, "Travel PA" on it. I used to work for them while I lived there covering various assignments for their travel magazine. So here I am, sitting at a marketing meeting aimed at boosting local travel, where I hope to expand as a local travel photographer, looking at a photo of my daughter clutching a marketing item aimed at boosting travel to where I once did travel photography. I chuckled to myself the whole way to the Cave...

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