My CotM Sketchbook - Spring of 2018

A Living Diorama

10 years, 3 months, 27 days later and I am officially back in the exhibits game. Monday I report in at 9AM to get my Cave of Mounds staff shirt. I just bought blue outdoor pants on my way home from my first meeting with them a few hours ago. On Tuesday of last week I heard about an opportunity there. After careful thought I then presented my portfolio and an idea to the staff. It worked. I'm hired! It's a new beginning for me. I am so thrilled to be working with passionate folks who are obviously so invested in preserving and presenting a National Landmark! I have this giant, LIVING diorama to get to know and work on. On top is an ancient Oak Savannah to save. Underneath is a cavern whose depths I've only seen from the tourists' perspective. I am going to bet that I won't sleep tonight...

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    Kathy Hofmann Project - Day One - Serendipity

    Day One - Serendipity

    It was the first morning of collaborating in a project with local artist Kathy Hofmann. A landscape artist of the Hudson River School. I have known and respected her and her work since moving here to the Driftless a few years ago. On my way to pick her up to begin exploring the countryside I became very distracted by the roadside view. So much so that it was many miles later that I realized that I had missed my turn down the road to her family's Homestead. The aim was for her to guide me to the places in the landscape that she's been studying for her next pieces, and also looking for new settings. Fortunately it's the very area I spent a few weeks exploring this past July. Talk about timing! Anyway, I think we drove less than mile back the way I had just passed. Without any prompting from me, she chose the very landscape that had caused me to miss her road! I knew right then that this was going to be an amazing photo essay that is intended to span over the the next few months.

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