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  • 2014-08-29T21:44:32.929-05:00

    Wildcat Mountain
    We had a chance to explore a new part of Wisconsin for us. We went camping/canoeing at Wildcat Mount State Park.

    Well after dark, as I sat by the fire while my family slept, I notice the sky was seemingly clear. I walked to one of the overlooks where I could clearly see the stars. It was a hazy summer evening, and the lights from a few farms illuminated the misty horizon. The only sounds I heard while photographing the sky were of the wind, and a distant barred owl. The haze made it hard for me to even see the Milky Way with my naked eyes. In fact, after my first test shot I was surprised it was in the photo! I'm afraid I didn't get as clear, and crisp of an image as I would have liked, but it was still worth the effort.I may have to come back to this spot when the air is dry, clear, and there's no moon. I'd heard that Wildcat State Park, here in Wisconsin, was a well known

    You can see more photos by clicking the sky above.
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